Zaev: The census will be conducted with a new methodology, which in part includes an electronic census


The 2021 census in Macedonia will be conducted with a new methodology that will be applied in our country for the first time and which in one part includes an electronic census. This combined model is known in the world practice and is in accordance with the recommendations of the UN and Eurostat, wrote Prime Minister ZoranZaev on Facebook on Sunday.

The Prime Minister points out that by cross-referencing the data obtained from the electronic questionnaires in the field with the data from the databases that already exist in the country, such as those of the Ministry of Interior and the Health Fund, we will have a complete overview of the necessary data, but are not covered by electronic databases.

“This means that the electronic census is already part of the overall methodology of the statistical operation – Census 2021, which together with the field census will provide a complete process for full success of the most important statistical operation as a basis for future development programs of the country.An electronic census alone will not be enough to have complete data as required by Eurostat and international standards, because a certain part of the data from the electronic databases does not give a complete and accurate picture,” Zaev wrote.

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