The best example of how much the Government realizes capital investments is the Kichevo-Ohrid highway


The best example of how much the Government realizes capital investments is the highway Kichevo – Ohrid which in four years has not been built yet, says Gordana Dimitrieska Kochoska from the ranks of VMRO-DPMNE.

She reminded that the citizens had the opportunity to see this summer how much work is done on the highway, although the government so far in these four years could correct all mistakes if there were any and the highway was completed.

If we take the capital expenditures as a percentage of the total expenditures, in the past they were always above 10%, since SDSM is in power they are below 10%, so in 2018 they were 6.1%, in 2018 they were 8.2%, etc. explained Dimitrieska Kochoska.

The government turns the money around and presents it as a capital investment, and the citizens do not have a realistic picture of exactly how much expenditure has been realized in the country, so in the last two months of this year we have twice as much realization.

“The question is how the government realized such capital expenditures in just two months. The government kept the money of the businessmen last year, 84 million euros were realized in December, and in the period from January to November 16 million euros were realized, now there are either examples of the City House pumping money or falsely presenting certain activities such as scratching Asphalt as capital investments, which in the economy are known as maintenance, not as an investment,” explained Dimitrieska Kochoska.

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