Citizens and companies owe 171 million euros in unpaid taxes to the PRO


The Public Revenue Office published the new list of debtors for debts due by 30.09.2020 and unpaid by 31.12.2020 on the basis of VAT, profit tax, personal income tax and other duties for which the total amount of debt is higher than 120.000 denars for natural persons and independent performers of activity and higher than 300,000 denars for legal entities.

The List of Debtors published 1,974 debtors – legal entities (less by 43 from the previous list) and 2,961 individuals (more by 105 from the previous list).

The total announced net debt is 10.5 billion denars (171 million euros), which is an increase of 237,467,663 denars (3.8 million euros) compared to the previous list.

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