Lazov: Instead of vaccines, Filipche deals with the sale of public health


While in all countries the entire health system is aimed at preventing and treating citizens with the coronavirus, and the vaccination process is taking place in parallel, Filipche continues only with lies. Of course, in the realization of his priority, and those are his personal interests and the interests of Zaev and his team, said Dr. Kiril Lazov at Monday’s press conference.

He pointed out that while the third round of vaccines is arriving in all countries, while the citizens can choose the vaccine to be vaccinated with, there is a wholesale of areas of health in our country.

“In 2019, Filipche started feasibility studies for a kind of privatization of laboratories, emergency medical care, sterilization, etc., and they have already selected a company that should do a feasibility study for privatization of X-rays. And now he has decided to privatize sterilization. The preparation started at the end of 2019, and Zaev and Filipche dealt with it throughout 2020 in the midst of a coronavirus pandemic. The procedure has reached the point where the clinics within the Mother Teresa campus have been delivered the contract they need to sign with the company that will offer the services. Or the clinics are put before a final act – you have to sign the contract. And the prices in the agreement that the government, through the Ministry of Health, signed with the company, with which only they know how they chose it, are four times higher. Or a set whose sterilization with the new contract costs a little more than 16 thousand denars, previously cost about four thousand denars,” says Lazov.

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