Dimitrov: It’s not my responsibility if a country decides against honoring an agreement


If I approached the first two interpellations with due seriousness, I cannot but approach this third one with indignation. That is why I did not answer in writing. What am I accused of? Why did I not deliver negotiations at any cost? At the cost of the Macedonian language? Did you maybe want that? So that you can place the thesis of betrayal of national interests? Because this thesis will not pass like this. If you are asking me for that, then let me tell you right away – I will never deliver it, said Deputy PM for European Affairs Nikola Dimitrov.

Addressing opposition criticism, Dimitrov said if the opposition truly wanted to tackle ‘the unfortunate developments arising from the neighbor’s non-European behavior’, it should have risen above party lines and join the government in its EU integration efforts in a bid to meet the second strategic goal after the country had joined NATO last year.

He rejected accusations that he had betrayed the Macedonian national interests. “Bulgaria says I’m not backing down. You want me to be held accountable for the intergovernmental conference with the EU even though I’d clearly said it shouldn’t be held if Macedonian language is the condition. I know it’s very hard even for you to understand what you are trying to achieve,” Deputy Dimitrov stated.


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