Janushev: Dimitrov is a minister with four vetoes, a classic case hypocrite


VMRO-DPMNE MP Igor Janushev at Wednesday’s parliamentary session for interpellation of Minister Nikola Dimitrov, said that he is a man who has been on the political scene for 30 years. Starting from the name negotiations with Branko Crvenkovski, to Gruevski’s national security adviser, and Minister of Foreign Affairs and Deputy Prime Minister of Zoran Zaev’s government. No matter who is in power, he is always in the highest state positions. And worst of all, nothing has ever been done. So this is a classic case of a hypocrite-politician. Minister Dimitrov attacks when he has nothing to say. We have heard nothing from him, we have only heard lies and nonsense. Dimitrov is the man who stated that there are no negotiations on the identity. The man who said that the demands of Greece are a precedent and that changing the constitutional name would trample on Macedonian dignity. And who trampled on him in the end, himself. Are we supposed to defend this man too? No. We should tell such people that the capable and those who know should come and go. Regarding Bulgaria, Dimitrov stated that the public will have access to the whole process. That it is in the state interest for Bulgaria to be a supporter of Macedonia towards the EU. Not only do we not have Bulgaria, but Bulgaria is the main obstacle to Macedonia’s entry into the EU. This man has four vetoes,” said Janushev from the Parliament’s rostrum.

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