MMA: Government to prepare a proposal to amend Article 102 of the Law on Media and submit it to the Parliament


The Macedonian Media Association of the national terrestrial TV stations, taking into account the almost one year of living and working in conditions of a global pandemic, informs that it supports the Government regarding their initiative to amend Article 102 of the current Law on Audio and Audiovisual Media Services, in which prohibits any use of budget funds for any information through private broadcasters.

“Taking into account the positive European practice, which allows and recommends the broadcasting of non-partisan campaigns of exceptional public interest, such as the campaigns for protection measures from COVID-19, in terms of keeping distance, wearing face masks, etc., we consider that The European and domestic public must be informed in a true, but also timely way on topics and issues of exceptional public interest that have a direct effect on Macedonian citizens such as: anti-corruption, fight against misinformation and fake news, EU integration “fight for clean air and more,” reads the MMA report.

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