Spasovski does not feel responsible for Mijalkov’s escape


I will stress – in order to feel responsible, you should make a deliberate omission in these directions that have been given, said Interior Minister Oliver Spasovskiat Tuesday’s press conference.

The Minister adds that according to the chronology of events, the Ministry of Interior acted immediately from the moment of receiving our information.

“We have to look for the responsibility in the non-existence of the complete system, I point it out before, if the system is not completely fixed and if we have such serious flaws in the system then we will certainly have such events that will happen to us.” said Spasovski.

“According to all our analyzes and assessments, we believe that he is still in the country and that he has not left Macedonia. Search operations are ongoing. If we know where Mijalkov is at the moment, he would probably be in custody at once, but all of the analyzes and assessments we make based on the search actions and the information we receive, we are convinced that he is still in the country,” Spasovski told reporters.

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