Taravari: Ridiculous theater from the Zaev-Mijalkov duo – they work together flawlessly


Zaev surpassed all scandals in Gruevski’s regime in the past four years, says Mayor of Gostivar Arben Taravari for “Utrinski Brifing”, talking about the events surrounding the escape of Sasho Mijalkov.

“Most citizens realize that centers of power who have influence over this country have long ago concluded that the rule of law here is finished. They reacted when they saw the circus that was being put on. The Zaev – Mijalkov duo functions flawlessly but they were really ridiculous with their latest theater. They insult the intelligence of the people. And it’s really not serious when we see that a man who in 2015 and 2016 put his hand on his heart and swore that he is an honest citizen is now close friends with Mijalkov,” Taravari said.

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