Mickoski to Azeski: You have the wrong information, you have been lied to


One will spend a lifetime and will not learn the basic lesson, and that is to not judge on the basis of a false opinion heard, it makes you unworthy, despite all the experience. Even in the past regime times, no one was accused and judged by just one opinion, the accused had the right to his own opinion. But, here, it is our business elite, and it should have been the avant-garde, when the Government is no longer good, says VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski.

“We never hear our business elite talk about how we have the most corrupt, most criminal Government in the Balkans, about how our institutions and judiciary are kept captive, about the economic collapse, job losses, the lack of vaccines and the exceptionally bad infection and mortality rates. You won’t hear the head of the Chamber of Commerce talk about these issues”, Mickoski added.

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