Consumer Price Index and Retail Price Index on the rise


The Consumer Price Index in February compared to January was 100.1, and the Retail Price Index was 100.0. The Consumer Price Index in Feb. 2021, in comparison with Feb. 2020, rose by 1.9%, and the Retail Price Index rose by 1.8%, according to latest figures released by the State Statistical Office.

Price hikes were noticed in fresh or chilled fruit (2.7%), fresh or chilled vegetables other than potatoes and other tubers as well as wine (0.8%), and sugar and sweets (0.5%). In February, indices also rose of household gas, motor vehicles, information processing equipment (3.1%); fuels and lubricants for personal vehicles (1.4%); recording media (0.9%); water supply, jewelry, clocks and watches (0.7%); passenger transport by road (0.6%); major household appliances, pharmaceuticals, gardens, plants and flowers (0.5%); spare parts and accessories for personal vehicles, other personal vehicle services (0.4%), and furniture and furnishings (0.3%).

A decrease in the Consumer Price index in Feb. 2021, in comparison with Jan. 2021, was registered in mineral waters, soft drinks, fruit and vegetable juices, spirits (0.7%), and cheese and curd (0.2%).

In February, indices dropped of liquid household fuels (18.6%); footwear (2.3%); sewage collection (1.2%); clothing materials (0.5%): garments, equipment for reception, recording and reproduction of sound and picture, other personal effects (0.4%); small household appliances (0.3%); and pets and related products (0.2%).

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