VMRO-DPMNE: Will the 12-year prison sentence for former secret police chief be reduced to 9 years?


As the days go by, Mijalkov’s prison sentence melts to less and less years. Will Mijalkov’s sentence of 12 years in prison be reduced to 9 years, and will this be confirmed by the Appellate Court? Is this part of the Zaev-Mijalkov agreement? Does Zaev forgive Mijalkov so that Mijalkovshows artificial crises in VMRO-DPMNE through his accomplices? Two weeks have passed since the escape of SashoMijalkov, and the government is still hiding details of the case, accuses VMRO-DPMNE.

“Zaev is silent and does not say whether he cut a deal with him during those two days while Mijalkov was on the run, and whether he was brought to the Public Prosecutor’s Office with a government black passport. After Mijalkov called the Public Prosecutor’s Office, there are 40 minutes until the drama in front of the cameras. Why was Mijalkov allowed to walk around for 40 minutes instead of being taken under house arrest immediately? Was Mijalkov’s circus before the Public Prosecutor’s Office part of the Zaev-Mijalkov agreement, so that the government of the former does not fall? The Zaev – Mijalkov mafia coalition also operates from prison. Macedonia will have no peace until Zaev is behind bars,” the party said.


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