Ministry of Interior to form a special unit for combating gender-based violence


SDSM Vice President Oliver Spasovski addressed an online forum organized by the Women’s Forum, where he announced that a special unit of the Ministry of Interior will be formed soon to fight against gender-based violence.

“I’m proud that we worked hard on the preparation of the Law on Prevention of Domestic Violence together with the NGO sector and the competent ministry to eliminate all known problems and obstacles in acting in detecting and preventing violence against women and girls and domestic violence.However, we all know that only the adoption of new legal provisions cannot completely solve the problem, a strong complex activity of all stakeholders in this chain of prevention and action is needed, from the Ministry of Interior, Public Prosecutor’s Office, courts, social services, education, civil society, media and all other social actors that have competence and responsibility in this area.In this context, the Ministry of Interior is actively working on seeking new forms of joint partnership approach with the NGO sector and citizens, especially girls and women who are often victims of such insidious forms of degradation. To this end, the Ministry will propose the establishment of a special unit, a special Task Force for combating gender-based violence, composed of representatives of several state bodies, prosecution, court and police structures as well as representatives of the civil sector, which will be a kind of quick response link. “Sanctioning and preventing these phenomena,” Spasovski said.

SDSM Vice President Spasovski emphasized that the Ministry of Interior is an example of equal opportunities for the advancement of women in the hierarchy, that the police is a place where women can advance and perform important and responsible positions.

“Our experience in the Ministry of Interior for the establishment and efficiency of the operation of these forms is extremely positive and shows that such mixed forms of strategic and operational joint action of several competent institutions, each in its scope, leads to quick reactions, quick solutions. Also, this unit will create a strategy and plans for joint activities, starting with trainings of the police and other state bodies, as well as other adequate activities in the media, education and in all other areas that must be active actors in the chain of action.” added Spasovski.

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