Cuculovski: Zoran Zaev sees salvation from responsibility in the broad coalition, it will not happen and he will face the defeats that await


University professor Ljubomir Cuculovski discussed Monday on the “Shto ne e jasno” show on TV Alfa about the curfew proposed by Health Minister Filipche, Zaev’s broad government proposal, as well as other government policies.

Cuculovski pointed out that the vote of confidence in the Government was a total fiasco, because after only three days Zaev offered a broad government, i.e. a government for national salvation with VMRO-DPMNE. According to him, he knows that his position is not at all stable and that is why he offers such an option, in order to save his own political position and the responsibility that should be borne, to be shared with other parties.

No leader ever offers cooperation to the opposition if he really enjoys trust and his position is stable. The offer to VMRO-DPMNE and other parties is a straw to save Zoran Zaev, because the responsibility he has to bear alone is too great and can be called “kamikaze” politics.

“Zoran Zaev is the man who divided the nation, regardless of the ethnicity of the citizens. He reached for the most sacred, and that is the constitutional name of the country. And when it comes to the constitutional name, the citizens talk about it with special emotion and empathy for it. Zaev knows that he made too many mistakes that will cost him a lot and although he tries to divide the responsibility into several parts, he will not succeed. The fact is that he will have to face all the defeats that await him,” Cuculovski concluded.

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