Rashkovski bought software for the Interior Ministry that has never been used, accuses VMRO-DPMNE


A new scandal each day-  Dragi Rashkovski, as Secretary General of the Government, procured software for monitoring traffic violations for the needs of the Ministry of Interior, with public money, and the Ministry of Interior does not even know that it exists. Rashkovski wasted public money for a system that has not been in operation for 8 months, VMRO-DPMNE reacts.

“Dragi Rashkovski spent taxpayers’ money on software that was not only unnecessary during a pandemic, but it has never been used. Dragi Rashkovski should be imprisoned just for this. The government has paid for software that no one knows if it will ever be used. Dragi Rashkovski should say why did he get the software, if the Ministry of Interior does not know about it, it means that they didn’t even ask for it. Who did Rashkovski ask and on the basis of which analysis and need was the software purchased? Is software acquisition another “Leonardo will win”? We call on the Ministry of Interior to immediately say whether they ordered software from Rashkovski, and whether he received authorization from the government, says the opposition party.

Rashkovski is also known to the public for the scandal over the public procurement for M-NAV, i.e. rigging a tender worth 7 million euros.

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