Mucunski: Economic measures are blocked by the ruling majority, not the opposition


VMRO-DPMNE MP Timcho Mucunski says the laws from the latest economic set of anti-crisis measures have been blocked by the ruling majority, not the opposition. According to him, the economic anti-covid measures from the fifth set of the Government will be voted in April, because they were on the agenda in the Parliament on March 23.

“Who “blocks” the Parliament? The economic measures for assistance to the companies (according to Fatmir Bytyqi) were submitted to the Parliament in the form of laws on 16.2.2021. The Parliament will be able to start the procedure for passing those laws during the Session scheduled for March 23, 2021 (because then they are placed as items on the agenda by the parliamentary majority). According to that dynamic, those measures would be voted on April 1, 2021 at the earliest,” Mucunski wrote on Facebook.

He adds that the economic measures have been stuck in parliamentary labyrinths for a month and that although the economic measures proposed by the Government are insufficient, that minimal assistance is still important for the companies and their employees.

“The Parliament should adopt those laws with accelerated dynamics next week, and for that to happen, the majority should unblock them,” said Mucunski.



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