Opposition accuses government of silence over smuggling of five trucks of tobacco to a company owned by Minister Nikolovski’s friend


The Public Prosecutor’s Office is silent about the smuggling of five tobacco trucks through Deve Bair, to the company Studenac Sped by Dimce Trojanovski, who is a close friend of the Minister of Anti-Corruption LjupchoNikolovski and the Mayor of KrivaPalanka. The company close to Nikolovski made an illegal import of tobacco a year ago. Although the company did not have a license for trade and marketing of tobacco and tobacco products, it imported tobacco through the border crossing DeveBair, said VMRO-DPMNE spokesperson DimcheArsovski.

“A scandal of unprecedented proportions is that the Customs Administration admitted, mind this – it admitted that illegal import was made, and Nikolovski’s friend, instead of going under investigation, he continues to run his businesses. Imagine that, people lying in prison for smuggling a dozen cartons of cigarettes, and Nikolovski’s friend who smuggled 5 trucks walks free,” Arsovski said.

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