(PHOTO) Macedonia is not even on the list of countries for good management of the crisis, without testing strategy and vaccination plan


Contrary to the claims of Deputy Prime Minister Nikola Dimitrov that due to quality and timely management of the crisis we have not received financial aid from the EU, the renowned Lowy Institute and the Oxford platform with their data deny the position of the Government so Macedonia is not only not on the list countries that have dealt well with the pandemic, but have no data on a testing strategy, nor an existing vaccination strategy.

“Due to the quality and timely management of state finances in the health sector, as well as due to the fast and efficient organization of state institutions, we have not received aid  from the EU Solidarity Fund,” Dimitrov said in a statement.

In dealing with the crisis from a health point of view, Macedonia is not on the ranking list of 100 countries from the renowned Lowy Institute, which also includes countries from the region that are quite solid, including Bulgaria, Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, which have an average grade in dealing with the pandemic.

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