Zaev’s coalition partner: Government claims that huge resources are being spent, but it turned out the opposite and with no records where the money was spent


Commenting on the information that Macedonia will not receive a donation from the European Union, PavleTrajanov, leader of the Democratic Union (DS), a coalition partner in the SDSM-led government, said that the government has presented to the public that huge resources are being spent to deal with the pandemic, but after her explanation that spent only 7.5 million euros in four months because it is a modest country, according to him is an unacceptable and incomprehensible explanation, adding that it is only a daily political explanation for the general public.

“There was an announcement that all the needs in healthcare are covered, that huge funds are allocated, that budget funds are redirected, as well as that they are in function of protecting the citizens’ health. This means that the ambulances, the clinics are being equipped, that they are preparing for a worse condition than now and that meant that the public is spending huge resources. Now it turns out that 7 and a half million were only spent in 4 months and to me that is incomprehensible, and the explanation is unacceptable. I think it is a daily political explanation just so that there’s one, that we did not receive help because we were modest and took care of it,” said Trajanov.

According to the DS leader, this should be explained because these donations from the EU are of key importance to Macedonia, adding that in the next few days Macedonia will borrow a new 700 million euros of Eurobond and 300 million euros of debt.

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