Rashkovski fled to Mexico


It remains unknown at this time whether Government Secretary General Dragi Rashkovski is has fled due to the latest corruption scandal or he went on a vacation to Latin America in the midst of a pandemic, was the initial information about the former Secretary General of the Government and current advisor.

This escape, as it was called by some media, comes immediately after the huge affair that was published by the media, in which Rashkovski procured software for traffic fines that is not needed and damaged the state budget. The creator of this software is Rashkovski himself, which means that he transferred the money from the state budget to his own personal account.

The Anti-Corruption Commission announced that it was opening an investigation into this case.

Late Tuesday night, Rashkovski called and told Focus that he was on vacation in Mexico. At the same time, the public found out that Deputy Prime Minister Ljupcho Nikolovski has went to Dubai for the weekend, followed by an avalanche of reactions.

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