The arrest of a famous politician from Macedonia is announced in Kosovo, is it Ali Ahmeti?


Even before the DUI leader Ali Ahmeti’s testimony before the Special War Crimes Court in Kosovo and the independent activation of the UCK in Kosovo, there were speculations for possibly turning him from a witness into a suspect.

Those speculations did not stop later, and recently there was an announcement from Kosovo that the arrest of a famous politician from Macedonia is expected at the request of the Hague war crimes tribunal in Kosovo.

Two people were mentioned for activities during and immediately after the war in Kosovo, both DUI officials: Ali Ahmeti for war crimes and Artan Grubi for human organ trafficking known as the “Yellow House” scandal. However, several other people, also DUI officials, are not excluded from becoming suspects in the near future.

Kosovo journalist Milaim Zeka said in an interview with TV Kanal10 that other arrests are expected by the Hague-based Kosovo Special Court.

A famous person from Macedonia will be arrested, as well as many of my friends, said Zeka, talking about the arrests made so far by the Kosovo court, as well as the possibility to expand the list of defendants.


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