Jauleski: ANB has been turned into an institution for political confrontation


After the announcement for today’s hearing on the case “International Union”,  VMRO-DPMNE MP Jovan Jauleski on Radio Lider, said that ANB has been turned into an institution for political confrontation, he said that in Zaev’s conversation with Verushevski It was heard what he would do to Kamchev, so after that it seems like an agenda that is being implemented against political dissidents.

“What’s symptomatic in this case is that the husband of one of the accused works in the National Security Agency, and what worries me is that we are going back to 1949 when people were arrested with with a note from UDBA, I do not want to defend anyone but with a note from ANB also got Mitko Chavkov and Mile Janakieski arrested,” says Jauleski.

Jauleski emphasizes that Mitko Chavkov was also arrested with an official note, and was falsely charged that he owned some villas in Halkidiki that they never found, because in fact they do not exist, which means that they could arrest any citizen of Macedonia with an official note in the future.

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