121,520 people fill out online census app survey so far


Until 8:30 am on Monday, 121,520 citizens living abroad have filled out online surveys via the country’s census app.

The headcount of the diaspora, part of North Macedonia’s 2021 Population and Housing Census, started on March 1 and will last through April 21. The census app is intended for Macedonian citizens living and working abroad 12 months and longer.

The first stage of the population census launched March 1 also included employees in the country’s diplomatic and consular missions abroad and their family members, Macedonian citizens working in the United Nations and related organizations, representative offices of chambers of commerce abroad, business units abroad, deployed troops of North Macedonia’s Army, citizens engaged in international, technical and other cooperation abroad and their family members, as well as all citizens of North Macedonia residing abroad on various grounds, regardless of the length of their stay. This part of the census was conducted for 15 days and ended on March 15, 2021.

Macedonia’s 2021 Population and Housing Census will be administered in the country April 1-21.

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