Pandov: Rashkovski’s company collected 400,000 euros from the state budget


 Aleksandar Pandov, head of the Patriotic Institute of VMRO-DPMNE, was a guest on Radio Leader in the show “Filibaster”, explaining that the government underestimates the people and uses the situation with the coyote pandemic and quarantine to steal melagomanically and without conditions. Thus, Pandov said that Rashkovski’s company, which was established only two weeks after the formation of the government, collected 400,000 thousand euros in invoices from the budget.

This power is playing a toy with the people, that’s all I can do to you what I want. And they are not for small money, that Inveko or whatever it is called Rashkovski’s company that two weeks after the election of the government Rashkovski registered 400,000 euros has invoices collected from the budget of the Republic of Macedonia, for some software one way or another, added Pandov.

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