Zaev expects mass vaccination to start late March or early April


PM Zoran Zaev said Wednesday he expects the country to launch mass vaccination in late March or early April after the first batch of COVID-19 vaccines are expected to arrive through the COVAX facility by the end of this month.

Also, the second batch of the Russian Sputnik V vaccine, with which health workers are vaccinated, should arrive next week, he announced.

“The Chinese defense minister is expected to visit the country on March 30, who likely will tell us more precisely when the Chinese vaccines will be delivered,” Zaev told reporters after visiting the Brako plant in Veles.

More vaccination sites are being prepared in addition to healthcare institutions where shots are being administered so as to accelerate the mass vaccination campaign, according to him.

Zaev said he expected solidarity to be demonstrated regarding the vaccine rollout, primarily by the EU.

“I know Commissioner [Oliver] Varhelyi has been making utmost efforts, I know donations, European funds, have been awarded with which we should pay. I don’t know the details, but I do know that the responsible ministers are doing all they can,” he said.

“Serbia, the PM continued, has managed by being NATO neutral and has made efforts early. “All the others, including us, have made efforts later and today we find ourselves in the same situation. The United States and the EU countries as well are in a complicated situation while the vaccination campaigns are under way,” Zaevsaid.

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