Dimovski: We live as if we do not have a state, we need a new government


Former MP from VMRO-DPMNE Ilija Dimovski in the morning show on Radio Lider says that this year we live as if we do not have a state, believing that such a dysfunctional system requires the formation of an expert government that will include the smartest.

“We lived through this year as if we do not have a state. We do not have an education system, you remember a year and a half ago that a national platform for online education was supposed to work, it is not functional yet, but the tender is already handed. We entered this coronavirus crisis 13 months ago. What has the state done in these 13 months to improve the health system, has it procured an ambulance except for that strange donation in Strumica. Did the medical institutions in Veles get a new ambulance? No. Did they get new equipment in these 13 months? They did not. Are medicines cheaper? They are not more expensive. Can citizens find quick coronavirus tests? No, tests are going for 2,000, 2,500 denars. So in 13 months a responsible government, a responsible Ministry of Health would have done, “said Dimovski.

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