VMRO-DPMNE: Three days of silence by Spasovski about the “Mountain” cartel is just confirmation that this government is in the service of the criminal underworld


The head of state StevoPendarovski pointed out that he did not personally know the people he photographed standing, which clearly explained the difference between a chance meeting and sitting at a table with criminals and fugitives from justice. This announcement is a transfer of the ball to Minister of Interior Oliver Spasovski and Prime Minister ZoranZaev who are running away from the public, not to answer what they agreed on at the meetings with the drug bosses from Grcec and Aracinovo, VMRO-DPMNE said in a press release Monday.

“According to the published photos, there is no person in Macedonia who is not interested who is a bigger criminal, drug bosses or government officials. We call Spasovski and Zaev publicly again to tell the Macedonian public whether they personally know the drug bosses with whom they take photos in their free time? The proximity of the government to the mafia indicates that SDSM officials have no intention to solve crime in the country but to increase criminal activities, negotiating businesses with them,” the party said.

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