VMRO-DPMNE: The Grchec drug bosses on the run, Spasovski took pictures with them in bars, and now is silent


VMRO-DPMNE said Tuesday that even after four days, the Grchec drug bosses are on the run, and Spasovski, who took pictures with them in bars, is silent. The Ministry of Interior under Spasovski is completely incompetent. Information is leaked about even the smallest drug dealers, up to drug bosses, reads the party reaction.

“The system does not work. The people with whom the entire state leadership was photographed in pubs were leaders of drug clans, accompanied by Spasovski, Pendarovski and Vice Zaev. The company at the top of the government with drug bosses and pictures on social media gives them power and influence in the underworld. Instead of fighting organized crime, Spasovski and Pendarovski take pictures with the biggest representatives of the same. Is the friendship of Spasovski and Pendarovski with the drug bosses a reason why the drug lords are inaccessible to the police? Spasovski needs to provide answers and resign immediately,” said VMRO-DPMNE.

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