MEP Kyuchyuk: N. Macedonia shows willingness for partnership, Sofia and Skopje to go back to the foundations of Friendship Treaty


North Macedonia shows willingness for partnership which is also indicated at least declaratively by the representatives of the ruling party and the opposition, Bulgarian MEP and European Parliament’s standing rapporteur for North Macedonia IlhanKyuchyuk said Thursday.

Kyuchyuk told Sofia-based BTV television that the trust between North Macedonia and Bulgaria has been broken and that the two countries must go back to the foundations of Friendship Treaty.

“After the elections, the negotiations must continue, the common history is an integral part and we must set the parameters for a common future,” Kyuchyuk underlined.

According to him, there is no official policy of hate speech in both countries, but there are different organizations of unofficial politics in both Sofia and Skopje, which spread such speech.

“One nationalism gives birth to another,” Kyuchyuk concluded, emphasizing that there is no need to ask the question who provokes, when it is clear that there is obviously a problem.

Kyuchyuk that this issue was also mentioned in his report on North Macedonia to the European Parliament, adding that it is a big question why Bulgaria did not do something to prevent such a situation.

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