President Pendarovski orders withdrawal of the Army from the southern and northern borders


President Stevo Pendarovski ordered Chief of General Staff Lieutenant General Vasko Gjurcinovski to withdraw troops from the southern and northern borders.

The order, according to the President’s Office, was issued due to the end of the crisis declared on the southern and northern borders due to the migrant crisis.

“Given that the crisis situation declared on the southern and northern borders, related to the migrant crisis, ended at midnight last night, and the Parliament did not make a decision to extend it, the legal basis for the Army’s engagement in securing the state border ceased to exist,” announced the office of President StevoPendarovski.

The army engaged in the planned tasks related to the other declared state of crisis throughout the country due to the pandemic caused by COVID-19.

“If the Assembly decides to continue the crisis situation related to the migrant crisis on the southern and northern state borders, the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces will again order the Army to carry out its current tasks,” reads the statement.

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