Mickoski: Enough concessions to the detriment of Macedonia – let them put pressure on Bulgaria now


VMRO DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski demands that an intergovernmental conference be held immediately.

Mickoski told TV 21 that the country had a name that no other country has, despite the verdict in The Hague, the government dared to change its name.

“They conducted a mass campaign to convince the citizens that it is the last and from that moment we are part of NATO and we start negotiations and become part of the EU, weren’t they telling us better vaccines, free health care, better education. Well, now I want them to keep their word. I want them to keep their promises made to us and put the pressure on Bulgaria and not on Macedonia,” said Mickoski.

“An intergovernmental conference should be held immediately and I am not interested in anything else, VMRO-DPMNE and I do not support any national concession,” Mickoski added.

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