Citizens should not have been vaccinated outside Macedonia, they should have waited for the vaccination to start in the country, says Interior Minister Spasovski


While the number of newly infected with coronavirus is growing rapidly every day, and Macedonia is a record number of deaths each deay, Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski believes that instead of seeking refuge outside the country and getting the jab in Serbia, citizens should have waited for vaccination to start in Macedonia.

In an interview with Kanal 77 radio, answering a reporter’s question as a representative of the government, whether “he is uncomfortable or ashamed of what happened with those crowds, when the state cannot provide people with something, then people look for it in another country, and in that way you destroy the identity of one state “, Spasovski replied:

“It is the citizens’ personal right. Now the vaccination has started in our country and I do not know that after a year of dealing with the coronavirus crisis, after a year of implementing all measures, that any of us couldn’t wait a week to be vaccinated here and start the vaccination,” said Spasovski.


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