Opposition accuses the government of not having a strategy to deal with COVID-19, Macedonia a record holder in COVID-related mortality


The Macedonian people have a difficult situation, practically in one of the most difficult periods for the Macedonian state, and that is this pandemic, but it is terribly the most difficult because those who deal with it, led by Zoran Zaev and Health Minister Venko Filipche are certainly the most incompetent politicians in the history of the Republic of Macedonia. This further complicates the situation and that is why people are protesting until these people go to the dark side of political history, and that will be very soon, said VMRO-DPMNE MP Darko Kostovski at today’s protest in front of the Ministry for Health.

During his public address, Kostovski pointed out that this Government has two pillars, which are exaggeration and uncertainty.

“This government will remind me a lot of the moment of exaggeration. Practically, both pillars of this Government are uncertainty and exaggeration. So the Macedonian people at the moment feel uncertainty and classic exaggeration. We see them riding helicopters, riding motorcycles, it usually comes when you lose ground, when you lose touch with reality,” said Kostovski.

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