Osmani announces “fresh dynamic” in relations with Bulgaria


Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani said Saturday he is optimistic that the new approach for building confidence between Macedonia and Bulgaria will restore the climate of rational debate after the Bulgaria elections on Sunday.

“I expect it to happen starting this Monday in order the two sides through serious commitment to settle the differences and to allow the EU leaders to reach a consensus over the negotiating framework and the first intergovernmental conference at the June-July summits,” Osmani stated answering journalists’ questions at a news conference after promoting the Foreign Ministry’s new foreign policy strategy.

He said he was aware that elections can hold regular political processes hostage and stir up emotions, which contributes to rationality and normal communication being lost.

“All of our efforts and activities are aimed at opening the negotiations at the EU summit in June-July 2021,” Osmani stressed.

According to him, the best strategy for restoring relations after the Sunday elections in Bulgaria is to tackle confidence building issues first before moving on to settling differences. “I’m confident as of Monday we’re entering a fresh dynamic of communication where the focal point will be rationality rather than emptions,” the Minister said.


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