Dr. Trajkovski: The peak was reached on March 31, the measures are too late


Based on the effective reproduction number, all other forecasts can be made on the rate of increase of daily cases, the day of reaching the peak, as well as the rate of decrease of numbers. Transmissibility is currently below one, i.e. each infected person infects less than one or 0.99% on average, which is a slowdown in the growth of daily numbers, said Dr. DejanTrajkovski, professor at UKLO.

“The peak of the infection was reached around March 31, which could not be seen then, some time had to pass. We had the maximum daily number of new cases on March 30 with 1,502 new cases. Since then, a certain plateau, growth stagnation has been noticed, and these days we should notice a bigger decrease any day now, says Professor Trajkovski.

According to Dr. Trajkovski, these measures should have been adopted two months ago, i.e. with the arrival of the British coronavirus strain in Macedonia.


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