Mickoski: I don’t support any more concessions to the detriment of national identity in the negotiations with Bulgaria


I will not accept even a millimeter of concessions to the detriment of the national identity with the negotiations with Bulgaria, said VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoskiin an interview with TV Alfa, and asked Europe to fulfill its promise. the people, i.e. the beginning of the negotiations with the European Union.

“We need a date to open the EU accession talks. That date should have been given to us by now. I will repeat what I said before, we are a small nation in the heart of the Balkans, and were promised the accession talks after the humiliation of the interim reference for our name, then the constitutional amendments, the change of our flag, the refusal to honor the 2011 Hague verdict when we were told that might is stronger than right. We then went through the violent change of the Constitution but we were told that this would be the final humiliation. We were promised to join NATO, after the many military missions we bravely participated in, and to open the EU accession talks. And now they need to deliver on the promise,” Mickoski said.

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