Law on Health Care to be amended, private hospitals to get a price limit


Health Minister Venko Filipche announced an amendment to the Law on Health Care, for which a decision was made Monday by the General Directorate of Health, and the draft law will be presented at a Government session on Tuesday.

“Today the General Coordination Headquarters Crisis Headquarters discussed several issues regarding the management of hospitals, regarding the management of vaccination and the overall process, and in that sense I would like to announce two more important conclusions. First, that a decision was made to make an amendment to the Law on Health Care that would limit the amount of collection of funds for private hospitals for the duration of the crisis or emergency, which specifically refers to the treatment of COVID-19 patients. We heard the call of the citizens, we are still in the midst of a crisis, there is a need to use that hospital capacity and in that sense tomorrow we will submit to the Government a proposal to amend the Law on Health Care,” said Filipche.



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