(VIDEO) Kumanovo police inspector makes a deal with a dealer: None of my colleagues will touch you


“None of my colleagues will touch you. So it depends on you, I will tell you one thing, I will not do this to you anymore. But another thing means to know on the street if we meet you will have a problem, and I can push you whenever I want, I have specific information about you personally, but you do not play fair, you say one thing and do another, you act and raise your voice at me,” – this is how a recorded phone call conversation begins that lasts two and a half minutes between a local dealer in Kumanovo and an inspector of the Kumanovo NTS, a recording that is spreading on social media.

As Infomax reports, one Macedonian criminal, the other Albanian inspector, the friendship works great and with understanding as Zaev himself would say “one society for all”.

The narcotics inspector in Kumanovo assures the drug dealer who smokes a joint while talking to the inspector that there is enough material for him to arrest him, but he will not arrest him. The dealer on the other hand says that he had personal problems and says that what has been agreed will be completed, he only needs some time.

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