Mickoski honors victims: Glory to the deceased near Smilkovsko lake, people who did nothing wrong and paid with their lives


VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski paid his respects by lighting a candle the place where nine years ago the five-time murder took place near Smilkovsko Lake.

Nine years of pain, anticipation, injustice. Nine years of false hope from Zaev and a tragic and horrible manipulation with this huge tragedy. Monstrous games with the pain of their families.

Nine years since the brutal murder of Filip Slavkovski, Aleksandar Nakevski, Cvetancho Ackovski, Kire Trpkovski and Borche Stevkovski. These people did nothing wrong, but paid with their lives. You will not be forgotten. May they rest in peace, Mickoski wrote on Facebook.


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