Mickoski: We have the potential to participate in the production of vaccines against COVID-19


We have the potential and capacity to participate in the production of vaccine against COVID-19, said opposition leader Hristijan Mickoski, but the state must also participate. This would be a kind of way out of the situation with vaccines, and will affect the economy in the country.

According to Mickoski, several wholesalers have asked each other to import, to get in touch with the manufacturers of vaccines against COVID-19, to participate in the production of vaccines.

Referring to an internal poll of the party, at today’s meeting with journalists he said that the biggest concern for the citizens is COVID-19, the health condition, and then the economy.

Mickoski, also referring to information on industrial production, number of workers in industry, budget deficit, capital expenditures and the inflow of foreign direct investment into the country, said that this will be the fourth quarter since we’ve been in the red in all these parameters.

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