Hotels in Ohrid and Struga to offer a special discount for Serbian tourists


Hotels in Ohrid and Struga will offer cheaper bookings for Serbian tourists by up to 20% from May to October, depending on the length of stay. The goal is instead of traveling to the Greek coast, for them to spend their summer holidays on Lake Ohrid or those who will spend their holidays in Greece, on their return to stay at least a few days in our country, Alsat TV reports.

The idea of ​​reducing prices has so far been accepted by about 90 percent of hotels.

“These are special discount sets that will be offered to local agencies and those from Serbia. We expect good circulation from these guests”, confirmed Krste Blazheski, head of HOTAM.

The hoteliers say that with this initiative they want to support the position of the Government for preferences of Serbian citizens as a sign of gratitude for the donated vaccines.

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