Rama: If Switzerland was called Albania or Macedonia, it too would be told “you cannot access the EU”


Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama said Bulgaria had blocked Macedonia’s European integration process for its own interests.

He made this assessment while appearing on a TV show when talking about the expectations of the intergovernmental conference.

“Look at what is happening now, at the moment when things are ready, Bulgaria is coming out and blocking Macedonia. Why is Bulgaria blocking Macedonia? It blocks it for its own interests. It blocks it because of its internal dynamics there and holds Macedonia hostage. And now, you will see what will happen, another country, which not because it does not love Macedonia or does not love us, but because their people do not want that expansion, others do not want it, Rama said in an interview with “Vision plus “, media outlets report.

“If Switzerland was named Albania or Macedonia and if everything Switzerland has was brought here, everything, but you are Albania and Macedonia, you cannot access faster,” Rama said.

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