Dr. Zafirovski: The health system was not well organized in the pandemic


Dr. Oliver Zafirovski, former director of the Institute for Respiratory Diseases – Kozle, regarding the miscalculation of Health Minister VenkoFilipche at the beginning of the pandemic that there will be 2,500 patients in Macedonia, and to date there are 148,618, Dr. Zafirovski says that it was a huge and crucial mistake for the further course of the epidemic in the country.

“The Commission for Infectious Diseases, which is its advisory body, should know. The pandemic did not start in Macedonia. We, as professionals who worked even in the hospital institutions, knew that the pandemic would come to us, even after the clinical picture when the pandemic had not started, we knew that the children we were treating with the clinical picture that the moment is approaching when it will come to us. But we did not have a test when we announced that the first patient was tested outside Macedonia, in Nish,” said Dr. Zafirovski.

According to him, all this indicates the concept of those responsible for the situation.

“The time has come to look for a bed more and what is very important is not just to provide a bed, it is another to provide quality treatment. A big mistake was made in the beginning, when the family doctors were excluded from treatment through no fault of their own,” said Dr. Zafirovski.

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