Union of High School Students: Digitization of teaching to be an alternative, not a postulate!


Leader of Union of High School Students Blendi Hodai regarding the announcements for fully digitalized education, said that such a way is a step in a good direction, but it must not be the only solution.

Nothing can be binding for the citizens, it is that they do not have the means to fulfill the request. We are a country with a weak digital network that has shown us the pandemic and the distance learning fiasco. If digital students are introduced, we appeal to the software to be of better quality and not to fall on the first day, as happened with the national platform schools.mk, said Hodai.

Hodai added that the printing of digital textbooks should not go through schools, where there are no adequate resources, but should be centralized and implemented by the Ministry of Education.

“We believe that printed textbooks should be real books, with covers, not scripts. Attaching textbooks in PDF format is a good alternative for students. However, it should be an alternative, not a postulate,” Hodai said.

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