Sterjovski fails to get a new mandate in the Albanian Parliament


Leader of the Macedonian Alliance for European Integration (IAEA) Vasil Sterjovski failed to secure a parliamentary seat in the April 25th parliamentary elections in Albania.

Sterjovski was on the 12th place on the candidate list of the Socialist Party in the Korca constituency.

At the end of the process of counting the votes of the candidates for MPs, I would like to thank all the citizens of Korca County who supported me and voted for me in this parliamentary election. “Thanks also to all Macedonians from Albania who live and work in Macedonia and Greece, who expressed a desire on April 25 to come and vote for me. Unfortunately, the Technical Committee of Experts, in connection with the measures for protection of the population during the coronavirus pandemic, four days before the elections, introduced a two-week quarantine for everyone coming from Macedonia and Greece. Due to that, the Macedonians from these countries did not have the opportunity to come to the Republic of Albania and vote for me,” said Sterjovski

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