Zaev: Believers to refrain from visiting churches and monasteries, and offer prayer at home


Prime Minister ZoranZaev called on believers on Good Friday, on the eve of the most significant Orthodox Christian holiday of the victory of life over death, to refrain from visiting places of worship and stay at home with family.

“This year too, let us refrain from visiting churches and monasteries and offer prayer at home. Together with our families let us welcome the bright day – the Resurrection, when our hearts will be filled with the eternal light and hope of the victory of life over death, and a new, restorative strength to defeat the virus,” Zaev posted on Facebook.

If you still decide to go to church, he adds, follow the recommendations of the clergy and adhere to the health precautions with utmost care, both for yourself and for others. Let us keep the hope that Easter brings with it, that this crisis will be overcome and the days will come back when we’ll be able to gather in our places of worship again and rejoice together in the Resurrection of Christ,” Zaev said.

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