Interest-free loans of 10 million euros, with the possibility of a grant of up to 50 percent


Within the fifth set of economic measures, a new line of interest-free loans in the amount of 615 million denars or 10 million euros is envisaged, money from the Budget, which will be placed through the Development Bank, said SDSM on Monday.

According to the ruling party, loans in the amount of 3,000 to 30,000 euros are intended for micro, small and medium companies up to 250 employees in the field of tourism, hospitality, event industry, private health facilities, sole proprietors and craftsmen, who have declining incomes from at least 30% and capital and reserves in its balance sheets not less than 33% of the requested loan amount.

These interest-free loans have a grant component of up to 50%, i.e. up to 15,000 euros, which is applied if the beneficiaries increase their income by at least 10% this year and if they increase the number of employees by at least 5% compared to 2020.

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