Reactions to e-textbooks do not reach the Minister of Education


Mila Carovska continues to go head to head with the Concept for Reform in Primary Education. Daily reactions and grievances from parents and pupils for the introduction of only electronic textbooks do not reach Carovska, reacted VMRO-DPMNE.

“Carovska forgets the fact that over 25 thousand children do not have a computer and will not be able to be educated through the so-called interactive electronic textbooks. This will cause social inequality and discrimination of over 25 thousand children in the country. Pushing this law with a European flag shows the complete detachment and carelessness of Carovska and Zaev towards the students, parents and teachers. Instead of Carovska implementing the Concept for Reform in Primary Education at any cost, she should answer several questions. Isn’t this project on digitalization of textbooks in primary education a project worth 120 million euros, budget money? Should a company from Croatia receive these 120 million euros, the opposition party asks.

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