Macedonia at the very bottom in terms of the number of vaccinated people


The influential daily The New York Times ranked Macedonia at the bottom in terms of the number of people vaccinated per 100 inhabitants.

What is interesting in the whole situation is the fact that some countries in deep political, security and financial crises such as Lebanon, El Salvador, Cambodia and others are better ranked by the number of vaccinated persons per 100 inhabitants.

As reported by NYT, so far three people per 100 inhabitants have been vaccinated in Macedonia, which puts the country at the very bottom in terms of the number of vaccinated people.

For comparison, so far one Lebanon has vaccinated 6.9 people per 100 people, El Salvador 14 people per 100 inhabitants, Cambodia torn apart by wars with 15 people per 100 inhabitants, Mongolia 48, and also Moldova is better ranked than Macedonia and that with 5.5 people per capita.

Macedonia, according to the newspaper, is at the very bottom with only 3 vaccinated persons per 100 inhabitants, which once again confirms the inability of the Government and the Minister of Health to deal with the coronary crisis.

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