Slaveski: Prices would have increased even without COVID-19 because SDSM increased wages when economic productivity decreased


Even if this pandemic did not happen, which caused a decline in GDP, i.e. the entry of the Republic of Macedonia into recession, it was to be expected that prices in the Republic of Macedonia would start to grow. For the simple reason that in the past few years the SDSM-led government has pursued a policy of aggressive pressure to increase wages in the economy, primarily in the private sector, but also in the public sector, said Trajko Slaveski, member of the VMRO-DPMNE EC.

Slaveski added that wages increased with the mechanism of increasing the minimum wage, which led to an increase in other wages. Wages rose amid declining labor productivity, productivity in the economy.

“There is no great mystery here, if you spend more than what you produce over time, with a certain delay there would be a creeping rise in prices in the economy. We economists predicted that and pointed out that I should say 2018, 2019,” explained Slaveski.

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